6 Ways to Save Money to Buy a New House in West Orange

Now that the housing market has rebounded and with interest rates relatively low, this is a very good time to consider buying a new house. And the best time to start saving for that big purchase is, well, yesterday or last month or, better yet, last year. But it’s never too late to start if … Continued

3 Things To Expect When Selling A Townhouse In NJ

An individually owned, single-family dwelling with at least two floors and usually sharing a wall with another such dwelling, a townhouse is a different animal from a single-family detached house or a condominium. As a result, selling a townhouse requires targeting a different kind of buyer with different needs. That’s why we want you to … Continued

A Beginners Guide To Home Buying In West Orange

First-time home buyers usually find the whole process more than a little intimidating and daunting and so have tons of questions they need answers to. There is indeed a lot to understand and many pieces that have to be in place. Otherwise, you run the risk of making an enormously costly mistake in the largest … Continued

Top 4 Mortgage Scares for Buyers in NJ

Taking on the (often) 30-year responsibility of mortgage for a huge purchase like a new home can be a scary proposition. On closer examination, though, many people’s fears about a home mortgage turn out to be unfounded or not as big as they seem, at least. Let’s walk through the top 4 mortgage scares for … Continued

5 Signs of a Great Deal When Buying A House in West Orange

On any big-ticket purchase, you (naturally) want to get the best deal you can. Since buying a house will likely be the largest purchase of your life, you will especially want to ensure you’re getting a good deal. But that can be difficult to do because buying a house is such a complex transaction. And … Continued

How to Sell Your Townhouse Fast in West Orange

You need to sell your townhouse, and you want to sell it fast. But, compared to single-family houses and condos, townhouses present a unique set of challenges and offer different selling points that you need to keep in mind before you ever list. Basically, for a fast sale, you need to get three things right: … Continued